Water Pick For Teeth Are Water Picks Good For Your Teeth And Gums?

Are water picks good for your teeth and gums? - water pick for teeth

Poppular used to some years ago and is one of them. I ask because my dentist told me that I was in my pocket and get the gum, whether it is clean.


peaceand... said...

Yes, they are good for teeth and gums, but do not worry too much about the scene. If it is too high can damage the gums.

Toothbrushes Sonciare are good.

I had terrible bags and after a reduction in the quad, I used a Sonicare oil, Listerine, Melaleuca on my gums and a quantity of dental floss. I was able to cure all households, but three had a deep bone loss. The surgery required to add a bone graft.
I'm healthy now, without pockets!

kattsmeo... said...

I think they are good for creaves cleaning the teeth, but flossing is the best honest, it takes longer. I bought a Sonicare Dental kit for me for Christmas and after my teeth feel are a professional, but my dentist has been purified for the Sonicare, but recommends the use of dental floss. If you're not flossing, I think, a picture of the water would be my second choice. Why not contact his office and ask for dentists?

danielma... said...

I think not. Maybe if you found something bigger and more visible there from time to time. but I think if you also brush and floss, which should be sufficient

familygu... said...

Short answer is yes ..

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