Picture Of Penis Inside T Virgina Small, White, Unpoppable "pimples" On Penis??!?

Small, white, unpoppable "pimples" on penis??!? - picture of penis inside t virgina

Well, I did this over a year. They come and go, but they have lived in recent times more and always has. They come in groups. They are really small and white, and I can not explode. But they are distinguishable. The fact is that not a lot of skin. I have thousands of pictures of things you can see your penis. Did not the same as herpes or genital warts or something more serious. It looks sorta pearly penile papules ... I'm not sure. But I have a lot of research, but I can not find, something solid. An outbreak or epidemic, or how the hell is located right at the end of my tree.

What do you mean? They appear in clusters, are white and small, but easily distinguishable. They can not be broken. occurs in my foreskin. [I cut]


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